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SITEL, actively operating since 1982 as a paper and board representation company, was established with the objective to create a strong link between reliable enterprises of our country and important paper and board producing groups of the world.

Our priority in the beginning has been the sales of papers for the printing and writing sector. Nevertheless, in line with the rapid development of the Turkish packaging industry, we have been able to include our portfolio, grades like board, packaging papers and speciality papers.

We have based our working principles on dealing with high quality products, giving complete mill assurance to local customers and defining our most important target as providing a sense of comfort to both suppliers and customers. We created  selected brands from every product we exclusively represent for our market.

SITEL is determined to keep growing on such solid steps together with its foreign and local partners without compromising on any of the properties outlined above which are in fact the meaning of its existence in the business world.


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